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TalNet Fall 2021 Conference

TalNet Fall 2021 Conference

Whitney White

Partnering to improve economic mobility and well-being in West Michigan.

West Michigan is known for its innovation in talent systems. This free conference is a landmark opportunity to take our efforts to the next level. For our first in-person convening of 2021, we will review how we can:


  • Align the efforts of leading educators, career coaches, workforce developers, hiring professionals, recruiters, and employers to improve the quality of career decisions.
  • Activate these aligned systems now that extensive development and testing is complete.
  • Accelerate these efforts by making the innovations available to anyone working in the talent system in West Michigan.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in proven, innovative strategies to help West Michigan students and job seekers to find meaningful, rewarding employment.



The agenda includes a keynote address by Amanda Cage, president, and CEO of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. Her keynote is followed by panel discussions on national trends, local efforts – and how West Michigan stakeholders can engage in this important work. Talent 2025’s very own Kevin Stotts, President and Whitney White, Director of Employer Engagement will be featured on respective panels. 

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