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As automation rises, innately human skills are vital

West Michigan employers were moving toward increased automation long before the pandemic accelerated that trend. Their experience shows the crucial role.

The Current and Future State of Michigan’s Workforce

Key Insights Despite a high of 358,000 job openings Michigan’s labor force participation rate hit an all-time low of 58.9 percent in May 2021, a loss of.

Our Next 'Issue Spotlight' Looks into the Future

The world of work is changing at an ever-faster rate, and this transformation is just as profound as the Industrial Revolution.

Assessing Racial Disparities in West Michigan's Labor Market

The unemployment rate, labor force participation rate, and postsecondary attainment rate within a region are among the most pervasive indicators of.

West Michigan Leads the State in Forecasted Job Growth

Yesterday, the State of Michigan’s Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives released their regional employment projections for all.

Q1 Labor Market Report Highlights

This week marks the release of Talent 2025’s second quarterly labor market report in the series being released this year, spanning the first quarter of.

A Push for Supplier Diversity

As organizations strive to improve diversity and inclusion efforts by developing comprehensive strategies, their plans must also include supplier.

Developing Your D&I Leadership Competencies

Continued learning is essential for any type of professional development. An intrinsic drive to expand your knowledge is especially important with leading.

West Michigan's Jobless Rate Falls in April

  West Michigan's Labor Market -- April 2021 Infogram

Fixing Broken Benefits: The Case for Unemployment Reform

From a talent perspective, there are three main priorities Michigan needs to address to accelerate economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic: