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Work Is Not an Option for Many Students; They Need Support

In 2018-19, more than 59% of Michigan college graduates left school with student loan debt averaging $30,677. That is the 17th-highest level in the nation.

Getting to Know HireReach

Reducing bias and other inconsistencies in the hiring process has never been more important. HireReach is helping employers do this by assisting them to.

Unemployment Falls, Job Growth Continues into September

At the onset of the pandemic the unemployment rate across the state skyrocketed to achieve a historic high of 23.6 percent — the highest jobless rate seen.

Financial Education in the Fight Against Discrimination

In the U.S. — particularly in Michigan’s largest cities and rural communities ⁠— protests highlighting systemic racism, specifically within the criminal.

Hiring in COVID Era Is Tough; Here Are 5 Strategies

It is impossible to determine precisely how long it will take for the economy to rebound from COVID-19. It’s even more difficult to pinpoint which jobs.

The Other Pandemic: Students Isolated from Mental-Health Support of School

As school districts across Michigan evaluate whether to stay with or switch to remote, in-school, or a hybrid education model, one large factor continues.

Economic Disparities are Widening, Who’s Vulnerable?

Impact by Gender Men typically lose work early in a recession because they tend to be employed in industries that are more cyclical. However, the early.

Job Growth Continues into July, but It's Slowing

Labor Market Trends across Michigan The unemployment rate across the state reached historic levels at the onset of the pandemic, skyrocketing to achieve a.

Belonging at Work

Many employers are researching and implementing new strategies to retain diverse talent. Several factors go into an employee’s decision to separate from a.

Entrusted with Our Children and Our Economy, Child Care Providers Need Support

Even before the pandemic, child care shortages were keeping people out of the workforce. The challenges facing this essential industry have only grown. So.