Points of View

Job Demand in West Michigan is on the Rebound

While it’s difficult to pinpoint which sectors will experience the fastest recovery following the coronavirus outbreak, the disparate pace of economic.

West Michigan's Oldest and Youngest Counties

Median age, which is a metric provided with each year’s population estimates on a national, state, and county-wide level, can serve as an effective proxy.

Five Essential Leadership Competencies of an Effective D&I Practitioner

Business has been a field of study for centuries. The first MBA was issued by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1908.

2020 Year in Review

Reflecting on a year fraught with historic challenges, it can be easy to overlook progress. Talent 2025’s CEO leaders and partners in education and.

Stress Among Michigan Workers Ranks 2nd in U.S.

According to a recent poll from LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, nearly 70% of workers across the nation said they felt stressed over the past.

West Michigan’s Economic Rebound Outpaces the State and Nation

The unemployment rate across the state skyrocketed to achieve a historic high of 23.6 percent in April — the highest jobless rate seen for Michigan since.

Work Is Not an Option for Many Students; They Need Support

In 2018-19, more than 59% of Michigan college graduates left school with student loan debt averaging $30,677. That is the 17th-highest level in the nation.

Getting to Know HireReach

Reducing bias and other inconsistencies in the hiring process has never been more important. HireReach is helping employers do this by assisting them to.

Unemployment Falls, Job Growth Continues into September

At the onset of the pandemic the unemployment rate across the state skyrocketed to achieve a historic high of 23.6 percent — the highest jobless rate seen.

Financial Education in the Fight Against Discrimination

In the U.S. — particularly in Michigan’s largest cities and rural communities ⁠— protests highlighting systemic racism, specifically within the criminal.