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Fixing Broken Benefits: The Case for Unemployment Reform

From a talent perspective, there are three main priorities Michigan needs to address to accelerate economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic:

Q4 Labor Market Report Highlights

This week marks the release of Talent 2025’s seventh annual talent demand report, the Q4 2020 Labor Market Report, which is the first quarterly report in.

Standing Out in a Competitive Job Market: Tips for Jobseekers

Despite a declining unemployment rate, at 5.6 percent in West Michigan and 5.1 percent statewide, there are nearly twice as many jobseekers looking for.

2020 ALICE Report: Who's Struggling in West Michigan

Throughout West Michigan, as with the rest of the nation, there are many households who struggle to afford their basic necessities despite having one or.

Reducing Bias in the Workplace

Every second, the human brain processes 11 million bits of information. Of the 11 million, only 50 bits are actually conscious. For the remainder, our.

Job Postings Trends Show Continued Growth in West Michigan

National Job Trends While it’s difficult to pinpoint which sectors will experience the fastest recovery following the coronavirus outbreak, the disparate.

American Community Survey Shows Progress in West Michigan

Every year the U.S. Census Bureau releases several datasets that originate from the American Community Survey (ACS). Although a majority of Americans.

With high unemployment, how can Michigan’s labor market be tight?

Over 300,000 jobs were displaced in Michigan as a result of the pandemic, with the number of unemployed nearly doubling over that time (93%). The largest.

From Research to Implementation: Professional Development Opportunity for D&I Practitioners

Last month, the new diversity and inclusion guidebook, Five Essential Leadership Competencies of an Effective D&I Practitioner was announced. This.

Protecting Your Virtual Workspace

Following the COVID lockdowns and closures, virtual workspaces have become the norm. Today, there is no doubt that digital literacy skills are part and.