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First HireReach Cohort Leads Way to Better Hiring Practices

Hiring decisions are among the most important any employer makes. Unfortunately, hiring choices can be influ­enced by bias and other variables unrelated.

Reversing the ‘Brain Drain’ Is Just the Start

We have read the ominous headlines for years. Fair or not, Michigan became synonymous with Rust Belt “brain drain,” the idea that young, educated talent.

2019 ALICE Report: Who’s Struggling in West Michigan

Who is ALICE? Throughout West Michigan, as with the rest of the nation, there are many households who struggle to afford their basic necessities despite.

Hard Facts on Soft Skills: Employers Demand Them, Students Need Them

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, employers no longer look for the candidate who appears good on paper. With the growing role of automation and.

How Career Pathways Can Prepare for Era of Automation

With the full impact of automation and artificial intelligence yet to be realized, now is the time to seize opportunities to reinforce one of the most.

Comparative Dashboard: Median Household Incomes

In an effort to better track progress over time, Talent 2025 selected six key performance indicators to measure the economic conditions of West Michigan.

Investing in Human Capital Will Pay Dividends for All

Technological advances and disruptions are accelerating change in industries across all sectors, with workers and employers alike feeling the effects..

How We Can Help Students Succeed in Community College

When we hear about students pursuing post-secondary education only to quit before obtaining a certificate or degree, it can be easy to blame the financial.

Comparative Dashboard: Occupational Employment

In an effort to better track progress over time, Talent 2025

Seeing and Believing in a Better West Michigan

Like the region it serves, Talent 2025 has always set its sights on a better future.