Points of View

Help Wanted: Accountability starts with you

The first two blogs in this series came to me during early morning sessions at the YMCA and were drafted over a weekend. Candidly, I struggled when.

Three Steps to Get Started with Diversity and Inclusion

As organizations embark on their journey to create more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces the thought alone can be overwhelming. What if we say.

Help Wanted: Invest - The ROI Mindset

The first blog in this series Help Wanted: Make it easier to fill jobs or get left behind provided recommendations for the hiring process. Let’s shift.

Waves of retirements are coming, these industries are at risk

As illustrated in our latest report, Insights for the New Talent Landscape, the workforce is aging and retirements have jumped 113 percent since the.

Help Wanted: Make it easier to fill jobs or get left behind

To say, “It’s an interesting time to be in Talent Acquisition” is an understatement with many recruitment professionals thinking “HELP!”. For me, an.

Highlights from the Q2 Labor Market Report

This week marks the release of Talent 2025’s third quarterly labor market report in the series being released this year, spanning the second quarter of.

TalNet Fall 2021 Conference

Partnering to improve economic mobility and well-being in West Michigan. West Michigan is known for its innovation in talent systems. This free conference.

October ‘Issue Spotlight’ - Identifying New Sources of Talent

Critical Talent Issues Earlier this year Talent 2025 researched and surveyed member companies to better understand the unique challenges impacting both.

As automation rises, innately human skills are vital

West Michigan employers were moving toward increased automation long before the pandemic accelerated that trend. Their experience shows the crucial role.

The Current and Future State of Michigan’s Workforce

Key Insights Despite a high of 358,000 job openings Michigan’s labor force participation rate hit an all-time low of 58.9 percent in May 2021, a loss of.