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March Job Trends, West Michigan

National Job Trends While it’s difficult to pinpoint which sectors will experience the fastest recovery following the coronavirus outbreak, the disparate.

West Michigan's Economic Vulnerability to COVID-19

Assessing Economic Vulnerability in West Michigan Job advertisements have plummeted across the United States over the past several weeks due to the.

Common ground for educators and employers: Social emotional skills

It is a common disconnect. Educators believe they are adequately preparing students for the labor market at the same time employers are disappointed by.

Helping students and job-seekers find the right career path

Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts analyzing the nine key strategies cited in our 20/20 Vision Report.

Longitudinal Data Systems in Michigan

From its start, Talent 2025 has promoted the idea that West Michigan’s economic future will be determined by the skills and education of its workforce..

Quality Child Care Is Crucial to Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

A shortage of high-quality, affordable child care hinders West Michigan’s talent efforts on two fronts. It not only reduces labor participation rates – it.

Assessing Racial Disparities in West Michigan

Although they are often perceived as a simplified look into the vitality of a labor market, the unemployment rate and labor force participation rate.

Creating a Generation of Lifelong Learners

Demand is growing for relevant and rigorous learning environments that encourage students to build critical thinking skills, create and collaborate with.

Second HireReach Cohort Leads Way to Better Hiring Practices

In January 2019, Cohort 1 of HireReach kicked off with an innovative group of employers, including Bar Fly Ventures, Cascade Engineering, City of Grand.

How to Transform Communities

Original post can be found at: https://jheconomics.com/how-to-transform-communities/.